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All of our essences are handmade with love & consciousness to provide with with the best possible quality of essence.

From the gentle acting Bach Remedies through to powerful, deeper-acting Essences & combinations, and from Angel Essences to Platonic Solid Essences, we have a wonderful range of Essences to discover and explore....

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Essences & Themes Explorer

Explore some common themes & issues and find a full selection of essences from across our ranges that will help with that particular issue.

Three Bleeding Heart flowers

Letting Go & Cutting Ties

Essences for Letting Go, Releasing, Emotional Attachments & Possessiveness

Onion Flower head - close up of flowers

Impatience, Irritability & Stillness

Essences for developing greater patience & stillness

Kyanite Crystal close up

Soul Connection & Consciousness

Essences for soul connection & expanding consciousness

Yarrow flowers, essence bottles and text - Auric Protection & Oversensitivity


Sets & Custom Combinations

Boxed Essence Sets

Explore Our Full Range of Boxed Sets

Choose from an extensive range of Essence sets - we offer a set for almost all of the essence ranges that we make. You can find self select and complete sets for most ranges.

A Bach Self Select Set - close out of bottles in a card box

Spotlight - Bach Self Select Set

You can choose any 10 Bach Flower Remedies for your set, which will come in an attractive card presentation box. All of our Bach Remedies are handmade with love & care.

Custom Combinations

Mix Your Custom Combinations

Creating a combination with a unique focus on the issues that you are working with is a powerful way of using the essences.

Single Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences

We offer one of the largest selections of single Flower Essences and single Gem & Essences you can find. From Agapanthus to Zinnia and from Abalone to Zoisite, this extensive collection makes a wonderful resource for individuals and practitioners.

New This Month

Essence of the Month

Inner Peace Essence -transforming anger

Heart Chakra Essences - close up of bottles

This is a powerful combination to help you to release feelings of anger or rage. It's also helpful if you find it difficult to deal with anger in other people, find your own anger difficult to deal with, or have a tendency to draw angry people into your life. It can also be helpful when there is difficulty connecting with any emotions at all.

Inner Peace Essence | Divine Harmony Essences

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Special Offers for the Month

Special Offers on Essences

New Essences & Sets

New Atlantasite Essence

Here you can find the new essences & sets that we have created and made over the last little while and any existing essences that we have updated.

Very High Frequency Clearing & Activation Tools

Rainbow Light Body Essence bottles - close up

See Also...

Bamboo Music of the Plants device being held in a hand while playing plant music

Music of the Plants Devices

The Bamboo Devices are instruments that give voice to plant perception and consciousness and help you to establish a deeper conscious connection with the plant kingdom.


Bookshop- Flower Essences & More

A lovely selection of books on the Bach Remedies and Vibrational Essences plus gift vouchers, posters, divination cards and more.

Crystal Herbs Gift Vouchers

Send an Essence to a Friend!

A Crystal Herbs Gift Voucher is a lovely gift for a friend and come in £15, £25, £50 options. We can also dropship an order directly to a friend if you know what they would like!

Ordering From Crystal Herbs

Ordering from Crystal Herbs

We love sending out orders because we know just how effective Essences can be in helping you with your journey of personal & spiritual growth. We send to individuals, practitioners, shops and distributors all around the world, so whether you want a small or large order, wherever you are in the world, please do be in contact.

You can order online here on our website or you can order by phone and we send to addresses in the U.K., E.U. & Worldwide. You can find all of our contact details here... Contact Us

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Help & Advice

If you need any help or advice with the Essences that you are buying or have bought before, please do contact us and we would be very happy to give you some expert advice. If you have a query about your order or any issues with your order, please do contact us and we'd be pleased to help. Contact Us

Download a catalogue and leaflets - you can download a PDF copy of our catalogue and find links to download all of our leaflets here: Crystal Herbs Catalogue & Leaflets


Essence of the Month

Essence of the Month

Restoring Patience Essence - 20% Discount

Transforming Impatience

Restoring Patience Essence | Divine Harmony Essences

Set of the Month

Essence Set of the Month

Platonic Solid Essence Set - 20% Discount

Ten Platonic Solid & Sacred Geometry Essences

Platonic Essence Set | Platonic Solid Essences

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