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The essences in this section aid recovery from abuse and bullying of all kinds.  Abuse can take many different forms including bullying, emotional, physical and sexual abuse but it is always characterised by a power imbalance where one person (‘perpetrator’) seeks power over the other person (‘victim’). Learning to use power wisely is a very important part of our growth both personally and collectively, so many of us have incarnated into situations that bring these types of power imbalances into our conscious awareness so they can be transformed.

Essences are equally helpful if you are currently experiencing abuse or bullying, or if you are aware that you have issues relating to childhood abuse to bring into balance. Often, memories of abuse have been suppressed since childhood so it can be surprising and shocking when they surface again in later life. The appropriate essences will help you to gently bring these issues into consciousness for release and transmutation.

If you have experience of bullying or abuse of any kind (including memories from abuse related to other lives), you will find essences here that can help you to release the old memories and associated emotions so you can move on with your life. See also Essences for Shock and Trauma.

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