Rose Collection Essences

Rose Collection Essences

The Rose Collection Essences

The Rose Essences and Rose Combinations in this set have each been chosen for their ability to help you to release all that is not love within your heart chakra and to inspire you to live your life from the perspective of the heart. The Rose Essences & Combinations offer you a unique opportunity to balance your heart chakra and to expand your ability to live in love.

Key Points

  • Rose Essences work through the Heart Chakra
  • 16 Single Essences & 4 Combinations
  • Stock Level
  • Handmade with love & care
  • Complete & self select sets available


The Rose Essences

The consciousness of the heart chakra is one of balance and unity and brings the gifts of inner peace, serenity, connection and unconditional love. There are sixteen single Rose Essences and four Rose combinations, each helping you to re-balance or release any old blocked energies stuck in your heart chakra.

Rose Collection Essences Gentle Hermione Rose Essence Handel Rose Rose Essence Set
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Essences are simple & natural tools that everyone can use and benefit from. The positive natural energies that they contain promote harmony, balance and wholeness, helping you to move beyond your limitations & discover Flower Essences your true potential.

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