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Gem & Crystal Essences A to Z

Gem & Crystal Essences A to Z
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A to Z of Our Single Gem & Crystal Essences

We offer a wonderful selection of single Gem & Crystal Essences, from Abalone to Zoisite. This extensive collection makes a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys using Gem & Crystal Essences - either for themselves or as part of a professional practice. Use singly or combine to create your own combinations. As well as the A - Z collection see also the Gem & Crystal Essence Collection set for twenty powerful and versatile essences.

Key Points: Over 200 Gem & Crystal Essences | Deep Acting | Stock Level | Handmade

Gem & Crystal Essences can work deeply into patterns & issues and will often carry an energetic resonance that will remind your subtle energy bodies how to be in balance and healthy. Each Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency or energy which helps to release & re-balance old patterns,energies, thoughts & emotions.

What are Gem & Crystal Essences?

Gem & Crystal Essences are a great tool to help you with your personal & spiritual growth. Each Gem & Crystal Essence holds a particular vibrational frequency or energy, which helps to restore balance and harmony to mind, emotion and your subtle energy systems. Our Essences are made by the sun method of potentisation, with the loving help of the Nature Kingdom and the Angelic and Ascended Realms. Each of our Gem & Crystal Essences are prepared as stock level essences

Calcite Green Crystal

Why Choose Crystal Herbs

Here at Crystal Herbs we are passionate about Flower & Vibrational Essences! We've been creating and developing Essences for over 30 years and all of our essences are handmade with love & care. As a specialist Flower Essence company our main focus is on producing the best quality Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we can so that you have the tools that you need to empower and help yourself.

Handmade Bach Flower Remedies

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All About Gem, Crystal & Mineral Essences

Each Gem, Crystal or Mineral holds a unique patterning of life force energy, an intelligent patterning that when taken as an Essence is capable of reminding an individual’s complete energetic system – spiritual, mental, emotional & physical – how to work together in balance and harmony.

You can find out more in our Introduction to Gem & Crystal Essences here.

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