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Special Offers - Essences for Sharing

Special Offers - Essences for Sharing
Flower Essences, bottles and flowers - special offers 20% discount

Flower Essences & more for yourself, family & friends

Each month we offer special offer discounts on a selection of our Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences - from individual Essences to Sets. You can find this months selection below. Discounts are usually 20% or more.

This months Special Offers....

Our February Special Offers

A challenging pattern that we've noticed recently, one that has been coming up a lot for many of us, is that of needing to really value yourself and find the inner strength to be a full expression of who you are from the heart. Really valuing yourself and what you have to offer is a big part of the inner journey, and finding that inner strength, self worth and inner self value can feel quite transformative. As we develop these beautiful inner qualities and strengthen our ability to stand in our own energetic space, so we can find ourselves stepping more into the true essence of who we are and fulfilling more of our true potential.

The Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences on special offer this month are all really good for helping with this and much more. The Inner Strength Essence is a lovely essence for helping you to develop inner strength and determination and the Feeling Worthy Essence is all about self worth and self value. The Purity of Heart Essence and Peace Rose are both beautiful Essences for re-balancing issues in your heart chakra, and the Luffa and White Bluebell are all about boundaries and standing in your own space. Our 10ml Bach Flower Remedy set in a card box gives you a set of wonderful remedies to support you through whatever challenges life is offering up for you. These and more you can find above!

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Flower Essences, bottles and flowers - special offers 20% discount

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