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Special Offers - Essences for Sharing

Special Offers - Essences for Sharing
Flower Essences, bottles and flowers - special offers 20% discount

Flower Essences & more for yourself, family & friends

Each month we offer special offer discounts on a selection of our Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences - from individual Essences to Sets. You can find this months selection below. Discounts are usually 20% or more.

This months Special Offers....

Our July Special Offers

We have some lovely new Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences on special offer for you to explore this month!

We've always found Flower & Vibrational Essences to be deeply supportive for whatever stage you are on with your inner journey. Whether you need help coping with the difficulties of daily life at an emotional level, or you need help to transform a core pattern or issue in your life, or you want to deepen your spiritual connection, essences can support and help you.

The Flower & Vibrational Essences on special offer in July are all really useful Essences for working with a range of issues that you might face on your inner journey. The Base Chakra Essence is a wonderful choice for grounding & presence, the Forgiveness Essence helps to release any old guilt and blame, Lemon is a wonderful flower essence for calmness and clarity and Merlinite is a powerful essence for cleansing your auric field. We hope that you enjoy exploring these essences and the others on special offer this month, as well as the Pure Vibrations Collection set and our Gem & Crystal Essence self select set!

Get all of our latest special offers as soon as they come out. Each month we have a range of single Flower & Gem Essences, combination Essences and Sets on special offer with 20% or more off. Subscribers will also get occasional newsletter only special offers! This newsletter is great way to get to know our Essences better and to stay in touch.

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Flower Essences, bottles and flowers - special offers 20% discount

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