Angel Essences

Angel Essences

The Twenty Angel Essences

The Angel Essences are a beautiful set of Essences helping you to connect with the energies and frequencies of the Angels. The Angels will work with you through their essence to help you bring the positive qualities that they embody deeper into your awareness, bringing transformation and higher awareness. Call on them for inspiration, illumination and guidance as you take these beautiful essences.

Key Points

  • Creating a bridge between your everyday world & the Angelic Realms
  • Twenty Stock Level Essences
  • Handmade with love & care
  • Complete & self select set available


The Angel Essences

The Angel Essences are a set of twenty essences creating a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms, linking you into their web of light and higher consciousness.

Angel Essences Angel of Abundance Essence Angel of Peace Essence Angel Essence Set
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Essences are simple & natural tools that everyone can use and benefit from. The positive natural energies that they contain promote harmony, balance and wholeness, helping you to move beyond your limitations & discover Flower Essences your true potential.

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