Angel Essence Sets

Angel Essence Sets

Our Angel Essence Sets

Our lovely Angel Essence help to create a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms, linking you into their web of light and higher consciousness. There are twenty Angel Essences - from the Angel of Abundance to the Angel of Wisdom - and each of our Angel sets makes a wonderful and inspiring toolkit for anyone interested in working with the Angels.

The Angel Essences are a set of 20 essences that create a bridge between your everyday world and that of the Angelic Realms, linking you into their web of light and higher consciousness. This beautiful set of essences was originally made at the request of the Angels themselves who wished to have another medium through which to bring more light into the world. Each Angel explained how the vibrational frequency of the flower they had chosen would help humanity and also came forward to add its own energy to that of the flowers used during the making process.

What are the Angel Essences?

Each of the Angel Essences transmits a particular spiritual quality that reminds your energetic system of your own divine angelic blueprint. The Angels will work with you through these vibrational essences so you can activate their qualities for spiritual transformation and higher awareness. Call on them for angelic assistance, divine inspiration, illumination and guidance as you take these beautiful essences. Angel Essences come in a choice of dropper and spray versions so you can use them to transform your personal energy and the energy of your home or workplace.

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Why Choose Crystal Herbs

Here at Crystal Herbs we are passionate about Flower & Vibrational Essences! We've been creating and developing Essences for over 30 years and all of our essences are handmade with love & care. As a specialist Flower Essence company our main focus is on producing the best quality Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we can so that you have the tools that you need to empower and help yourself.

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