Abuse, Shock & Trauma

Abuse, Shock & Trauma
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Essence Suggestions for Abuse, Shock & Trauma

Here you can find the different Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we offer that work with Abuse, Shock and Trauma. You can choose one or more of the following essences to help with these issues...

Keywords - Abuse, Shock, Trauma

More on Abuse

Learning to use power wisely is a very important part of our growth both personally and collectively. Within the energetic polarity of power lies the potential to experience unbalanced aspects of this energy as either the victim or perpetrator of abuse. Neither of these states can exist without the other, as they are both an aspect of the same energy imbalance. As we all work to bring balance to this polarity within ourselves many old memories are surfacing to be transformed. Because of this some people are becoming aware that they have issues relating to childhood abuse to bring into balance. Often, they discover that as a child they suppressed the related memories so completely that they are surprised and shocked when these memories surface again later in life. When this happens know that you are ready to heal the pattern by letting go of the old memories. The appropriate essences will help you to gently bring these issues into consciousness for release and transmutation. Releasing the long held shock and trauma allows other buried emotions to surface that can then be treated with further combinations of essences.

All of the above is also applicable where the memories are from abuse related to other lives than the current one.

Keywords - Abuse, Shock, Trauma

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