Confidence & Self Assurance

Confidence & Self Assurance
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Essence Suggestions for Confidence & Self Assurance

Here you can find the different Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we offer that work with confidence and self-assurance. You can choose one or more of the following essences to help with these issues.

Keywords - Confidence, Self Assurance

More on Confidence

Lack of confidence in our own abilities can make it difficult for us to ever express our real self. Often a lack of self confidence can be seen when someone is unwilling to put themselves forward, or feels that others would do a better job, but also can be seen in those that mask their lack of confidence with bravado, over exuberance, or lots of noise. It is an issue that often has its roots, at least in this lifetime, in our childhood experiences. It is important that we release these old energies and give ourselves the freedom to move confidently along our own unique path in life. The above essences will help to balance the related underlying issues and restore natural self-confidence.

Keywords - Confidence, Self Assurance

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