Grief, Bereavement & Loss

Grief, Bereavement & Loss
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Essence Suggestions for Bereavement, Grief, Loss & Sadness

Here you can find the different Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we offer that work with bereavement, grief, loss & sadness. You can choose one or more of the following essences to help with these issues...

Keywords - Bereavement, Grief, Loss, Sadness

More on Grief

Grief is a very normal human emotion, and one that we all experience at some time as an inevitable part of life. However, like all strong emotions it can be difficult to deal with if we are unable to understand the need to fully honour the related feelings and allow them to release and transmute. Unexpressed grief and sadness at the loss of a loved one either from this life or a previous one can make it difficult for us to open our hearts to live fully in the now. As we release and transmute these old memories we remember that we are not separate and alone but always eternally connected together within Gods Love. One of the above combinations or essences will help you to gently release and transform these old feelings.

Keywords - Grief, Sadness, Bereavement

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