Self Worth, Self Esteem & Self Value

Self Worth, Self Esteem & Self Value
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Essence Suggestions for Self Worth, Self Esteem & Self Value

Here you can find the different Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we offer that work with self worth, self esteem & self value. You can choose one or more of the following essences to help with these issues...

Keywords - Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Value, Not feeling 'good enough'

More on Self Esteem

A lack of self-esteem is an issue that many face on their path of personal and spiritual growth. It can be helpful to recognize that when you have difficulty finding a balanced sense of your own self value from within yourself, there can be a tendency to need to feel 'better than' others in order to feel comfortable. Until the pattern is balanced the Universe will constantly provide you with people or situations in your life that will reflect this back to you. One of the above Essences will help to release those feelings of 'never being good enough' and help to promote feelings of self esteem and self worth from within.

Keywords - Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Value, Not feeling 'good enough.

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