More on Grief and Loss

Grief is a very normal human emotion that can be triggered by the death of a loved one or any other significant losses. However, because we don’t necessarily know how to honour the strong feelings that grief evokes, it can get buried until something happens to trigger it again.

Unconscious experiences of grief and loss can lead to deep, painful feelings of sadness, separation and rejection that make it difficult for us to open our hearts to others or life itself.  Unexpressed grief and sadness at the loss of a loved one either from this life or a previous one can make it difficult for us to open our hearts to live fully in the now.

When we are able to release and transmute these old memories of loss we remember that we are not separate and alone but always eternally connected together within God’s Love. If you are feeling sad for no obvious reason it could be that unresolved grief is now coming to the surface because you’re ready to let it go.

The above essences can help you gently release and transform feelings of grief, loss, deep sadness, and sorrow.

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