Music of the Plants - Devices & More

Music of the Plants - Devices & More
Music of the Plants Device

The Bamboo Devices from Music of the Plants

The Bamboo and U1 Devices are instruments that give voice to plant perception and consciousness. These amazing devices have been developed to allow you to listen to and interact with plants and more importantly, for them to interact with you. The Bamboo and U1 do this by by measuring the electrical impulses that plants send between their roots and their leaves and translates them into sounds. As your plants become more practised at communicating in this way, what starts as a bunch of loose notes, begins to harmonize into muscial scales and then melodies.

Key Points

  • Discover a new language to understand the plant world.
  • Recognize the delicate interaction between humankind & nature.
  • Experience the energetic benefits of plant music.
  • Reach a new level of understanding about the consciousness of nature.

Music of the Plants

Developed by Damanhur in Italy, these devices offer a level of interaction with plant intelligence that provides a deep insight into ourselves and the natural world around us, as well as a very practical experience of plant intelligence and consciousness. We've found using these Devices both very heart warming and wonderfully insightful. You can find out more here - Music of the Plants.

Music of the Plants Music & Devices
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