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Rainbow Light Body Essence Set

Etheric Body - Strengthening Your Energetic Blueprint

Emotional Body - Clearing Buried Emotional Patterns

Mental Body - Clearing Negative Thought Patterns

Causal Body - Aligns & Integrates All the Subtle Bodies

Earth Star - Grounding & Connection to Mother Earth

Soul Star - Alignment With Soul & Higher Energies

Hara Activation - Divine Will & Life Purpose

Thymus Energy Point - Divine Love & Compassion

Integration - Balancing Inner Male & Female

Crystalline Ray - Soul Memories & Consciousness

I Am Presence - Connection to Higher Self

Mer-Ka-Ba - Awakening the Mer-Ka-Ba Field

About the Light Body Essences

Each of Light Body Essences in this set are a combination of Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences and were created by a unique process resulting in a set of twelve very powerful essences that provide exactly the support we need now as we seek to assimilate higher & higher frequencies of Light into our energetic systems.

Our ability to activate our Light Body is dependant upon our ability to allow our energetic and subtle bodies to completely resonate with the Light and Love of higher consciousness. Each of the powerful essences in this set of twelve will assist you to clear, balance and activate a particular subtle body or energy point and bring you closer to the activation of your Mer Ka Ba or Light Body.

Light Body Essences

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