Abundance, Divine Flow, Giving & Receiving

Abundance, Divine Flow, Giving & Receiving
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Essence Suggestions for Abundance, Giving & Receiving & Divine Flow

Here you can find the different Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences that we offer that work with Abundance, Giving and Receiving & Divine Flow. You can choose one or more of the following essences to help with these issues...

Keywords - Abundance, Giving & Receiving, Divine Flow

About Abundance, Prosperity & Flow

Abundance in all its forms, not just money, is an expression of the flow of Divine Energy available to us all when we live in harmony with the Universe.
We often unconsciously block this flow of energy by not being open to receive it, feelings of lack, or fears of not having enough to give freely to others. Consciously realign yourself with the wisdom of your heart, which will remind you that you are always connected to the natural abundance of the Universe.
Give thanks often for what you already have and open your heart to what you would like to bring into your life - gratitude is a powerful message to the Universe that you are open to receive. By savouring and fully appreciating the abundance that’s already in your life you will naturally feel more abundant.
The essences from this section will help you to uncover and release any unconscious blocks that restrict the flow of Abundance in your life.

Keywords - Abundance, Appreciation, Divine Flow, Financial Blocks, Generosity, Giving & Receiving, Gratitude, Lack, Prosperity

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