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10ml and 25ml bottles of Inner Calm Essence

Fear is an emotion that is deeply woven into the fabric of our collective human consciousness, and it spreads very quickly/ Whether it’s panic, terror and strong debilitating fears or underlying worries and insecurities, fear can be extremely uncomfortable to live with, limit our experiences in life, and hold us back from expressing our true selves.

Fear has become so much a part of daily life that we now hardly recognise the hold that it can have upon us. The powerful controlling force of fear is utilised daily in our news media and underpins much of our entertainment and advertising industries, as well as being an important aspect of almost every world religion. These outer manifestations of our relationship with fear are indicative of a much deeper unconscious patterning that all of humanity and the Earth herself share. As we find the courage to face our unconscious fears and allow the old memories of past fearful events to surface and be re-evaluated in the light of love, old fears can be released and we can make new choices based on love.

The above essences can help you to release the energetic imprint of fear from your system.

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